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SINCE 2004

Here at Elizabetta we want you to own something quite special and we love to design, create and seek out that something special for you - It’s our passion.

A passion for Italy; land of art, poetry and history. A passion for Italian design and gorgeous textiles.
We bring our accessories directly online to you, this means
Lower prices
No middlemen
No department stores
Just quality accessories at remarkably reasonable prices

Unlike large companies that make thousands of any one item, we make our accessories in very small quantities. This means that you are wearing something that is quite unique.

We often design pieces using end rolls of the highest quality fabrics as we love beautiful textiles and can’t bear to see them sitting on a shelf! Sometimes this means that only one or two of a particular item is made.

We design and manufacture our own exclusive elizabetta specialty luxury items in addition to bringing you some of Italy’s other fantastic high fashion 100% made in italy designer labels.

Every item in the boutique is made in sweatshop free, eco-conscious, fair labor family run small businesses in Italy. Our leather handbags, travel and business bags are handmade by small artisan work shops in central Italy. These same companies also produce for very high-end fashion houses using the same fabrics and techniques.
A little history

During a visit to Lake Como in 2003, Elizabeth, (Elizabetta, as her friends here in Italy call her) an interior designer and a textile aficionado was introduced to the silk scarves and fabrics that the area is historically famous for. A love affair with silk scarves started and in 2004 the boutique was born. Today Elizabetta still buys and designs silk scarves in Como. Not only silk, but also linen, cotton, modal and the finest wool and cashmere from Biella, a town in Piedmont, Italy known and respected for weaving the finest wool and cashmere textiles.

Who are the poeple behinde Elizabetta Boutique?

Elizabeth Perkins

Founder, designer and purchaser of the collections. From New York City, raised in London and Rome. Lover of history, art and beautiful things. Formerly an interior designer and color specialist, now creating collections with textiles, one of her first loves. She currently lives in her adoptive country Italy.

Cindy Sullivan

Shipping director and expert. She’s the magic behind our fast shipping. Born and raised in Wisconsin, former teacher, artist,business owner. Cindy found her way back to Wisconsin after 20 years in upstate New York. Always an art lover and supporter.

Rosario Longobardi

Marketing director and graphics maestro. From Naples, with living and working experiences all over Italy from Rome to the tiny island of Pantelleria. Passionate about design and social responsibility, creating for companies that share his vision.

“When you wear a fashion accessory from Elizabetta, you know that you are wearing something very special and unique made by people who share our passion. You’re wearing a piece of the passion that is Italy.”

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