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  • Perfect for the weekend, stay warm with our Olympia double faced wool scarf and carry your things in stlye with our Callista leather crossbody bag

    italian leather handbag
  • Weekday or weekend, our Arabella oversized silk scarf and Ischia leather shopper tote will add luxurious chic to your look

    italian leather tote shopper bag
  • A wool lined silk scarf gives you luxurious warmth. Paired with our Refosco silk grenadine tie and classic Bartolo hard leather briefcase, your style says "confident and classic"

    italian leather briefcase
  • Beautiful Abruzzo in central Italy, where many of our leather bags are made

    italian leather briefcase made in abruzzo
  • Our Adele soft leather tote bag is roomy, stylish and amazingly comfortable

    italian leather shoulder bag
  • The Cristina has a unique interchangable front and sides making this bag 2 in 1!

    handmade Italian top handle handbag
  • A classic silk foulard gives instant refinement to your outfit. Shown is our Carina.

    italian silk scarf for woman
  • The Corte Leather Shoulder-bag can be worn day to evening. We’ve paired it with our Eloisa silk foulard, giving an ordinary dress an instant uplift

    ladies italian silk scarf
  • A dapper pairing: Our Sondrio wool lined silk scarf with our Riga silk grenadine tie and Capri solid silver grey silk locket square.

    mens italian wool silk scarf
  • Lake Como where all of our silk fashion accessories are woven, dyed and sewn.

    lake como silk scarves
  • The Eloisa silk foulard. A silk square scarf can be worn in so many ways!

    luxury italian silk square scarf
  • Evening style elegance with our exclusive Fortuna silk shawl and Marquesa velvet evening bag.

    luxury italian silk evening shawl wrap
  • Our Azzurro silk grenadine tie perfectly paired with our Davide silk pocket square

    luxury italian silk grenadine tie
  • Our Sophia evening shawl. Luxurious silk velvet lined with silk crepe, made exclusively for Elizabetta.

    luxury italian black velvet evening shawl
  • Rome. The Eternal City and source of much of our design inspiration.

    italian fashion accessories

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