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Luxury Silk Grenadine Men's Neck Ties from Lake Como, Italy

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After many requests, Elizabetta is now offering men's ties from Como Italy.
There are so many types of ties to choose from in Como, it was hard to decide where to begin, but one type of tie really stands out from the crowd:

The Grenadine Silk Tie

Hand woven on ancient jacquard looms in Lake Como, Italy, grenadine has a unique weave that is subtle and elegant. In fact thereare only two weavers in Como (and perhaps the whole of Italy) that make this special fabric. Both date from the 1870's.


The Grenadine weave produces a textured tie appreciated for the elegant knot it ties. The weight of the fabric coupled with its delicate open weave produces a tie renowned for its excellent drape.          
There are 2 types of grenadine, grenadine grosso (big) and grenadine fino (fine) they are both beautiful and classic.


As you can see, it's a complex weave, resulting in a true luxury fabric, not to be confused with a knit tie.


Our first collection of grenadine ties have a costly interlining of wool and then are lined with Como silk and hand sewn, one by one. There are no production lines!

A grenadine tie is one the most stylish, refined accessories you can have in your wardrobe. An investment piece that will stand the test of time.

Fun Fact: 
Did you know that several Bond characters wore grenadine ties? Most notably Sean Connery who wore them in just about every Bond film.

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