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Hi Elizabeth,
I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today and I'm delighted with all three items. My wife loves the shawl. It just happened that it coordinated with the outfit she chose to wear today, so she promptly exchanged the scarf she had on so she could wear the new shawl. The colours are very true to the image shown on the website, so we're both happy on that account. 

As for the accessories I bought for myself, what you see online is what you get. The only thing I wasn't completely certain of was whether the silk for the Ascot had been cut on the bias, as it was only just possible to make out the direction of the twill from the zoomed image. I did hesitate a moment before ordering, thinking I should enquire about this, but as you provided most of the other relevant details giving an indication of quality, I took a punt. I'm glad to say it paid off, as I can see the twill runs diagonal to lines on which the fabric has been cut. As for the print, I'm very happy with the rich, matte colour palette and scale of the medallions. This will be a versatile piece, especially with my tweeds and navy blazers.

I'm wearing the pocket square today. I love the dry hand which seems to make the square stay in place very well in addition to looking good.
Kind regards

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